понедельник, 30 декабря 2013 г.

Shallow Waters - Equal Eyes

Shallow Waters present you with an onslaught of extreme, politicised noise, barking lyrics at you, whose content comes from newspaper clippings, socialist historical documents and even the poetry of exiled Black Panther and revolutionary Assata Shakur. It's quite unusual to encounter a noise record that has any agenda at all, let alone one that outlines it so lucidly. Fear not though, this is no lecture: Equal Eyes is still a mighty torrent of confrontation, clearly inspired by the likes of Whitehouse in its combination of ear-shredding electronic clamour and vocals. The manner in which these vocals are delivered gives even the most punishing of black metal death-grunters a run for their money, Rob Hill pouring his modulated, distorted scorn over you like a particularly cranky Dalek. Once again, Hospital proves itself a definitive bastion of the most articulate and acerbic power electronics around


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