четверг, 15 мая 2014 г.

P16.d4 - Distruct (1984)

P16.D4 - German experimental noise-team. Active period of the band falls on the period from 1980 to 1988. On musicians was influenced by German punk and Neue Deutsche Welle-scene early 80s. Initially, the project called Permutative Distorsion, then the name was changed to PD Under the name PDbylo released two records, then the name of the team changed to P16.D4. Founder, leader and sole constant member of the band is Wehowski Ralph. Later, he recorded solo material under the name of RLW.

пятница, 9 мая 2014 г.

Zelwer - Les Dieux Sont Faches_The Gods Are Angry [1995]

Unbearably beautiful album unknown group. Who are they? Church servants? Faithful sons and daughters of the Catholic Church who chose the "left-hand path"? So do not tell MTV...

MS(RD) - The Longest Journey (2014)

The first work, published in the light of Belarusian dungeons. The smell of those killed in the guerrilla forests will continue to pursue living on the surface. Strong, good drone. No one goes home!

пятница, 2 мая 2014 г.

Big Ned - Big Ned (2009)

Big Ned are Doom ‘n’ Roll.

«We are a band from Glasgow. We like slow bluesy Rock music and we like Country and Western. We like David Lynch movies. We love dark Americana. We love trance. We think three chords is too much.»

BIG NED are two twisted Glaswegians: D. James Clark and John Murray, with a penchance for dark and twisted tales and tones. “Bad Angel” is backed with “Killer”, only available on this limited 7”.

Imagine David Lynch gets stuck into a barrel of booze with a big crooning cowboy. Tales of dark liaisons, women trouble and spiritual prowess are finely blended with an array of dark melodies, terror noises and warped guitars. This is an album with dysfunctional America coursing through its veins and oozing from every pore. This concoction of sleaze, fuzz and death is difficult to categorize. Who cares?

Obvious influences are David Lynch, Angelo Badalementi, Smog, Nick Cave, Elvis, Swans, Cash, Chris Isaacs ‘Wicked Game’, Carl Denver and the Gun Club. And most likely Satan.

Thrown into this electric soup is Charles Bukowski, Repo Man, Gummo, Lost Highway, Clint Eastwood, the Bible, the Devil, Glasgow City Barbers window display, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and every impressive boxer who ever entered the ring.

For Big Ned, this is the soundtrack to drag racing, zombies, drinking, shop lifting, dancing like a maniac, arm wrestling, fucking, smoking and Lee Marvin putting the boot in.