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пятница, 13 ноября 2015 г.

Евгений Искольский. Тенор поколения

Александр Ионов: «Евгений Искольский – Богородец с высшим гуманитарным образованием» 

Сегодня исполнились один год вместе с пятью месяцами, как я первооткрыл для себя творчество Евгения Искольского (известного также как певец Чиклин и stand-up – трагик Леня Пуссер). Композитора по призванию; поэта с большой буквы П. В юбилейном предчувствии нажаты буковки на засаленной клавиатуре моей допотопной стационарной ЭВМ. Выходит затруднительно, т.к. волнительно дребезжат мои рукоятки, подобно герою артиста Лебедева. 

среда, 21 октября 2015 г.

Industrial. Live in Mastergor 01.06.2013

Союз Космического Авангарда (СПБ)
Студия Неосознанной Музыки (Кемерово/СПБ)
Wozzeck (СПБ)
SIC! + Industrial Improv 



четверг, 17 сентября 2015 г.

Nihilist Spasm Band - No Record (1968)

The Nihilist Spasm Band is a unique experimental collective generally known as "the first noise band." Formed in 1965 in London, Ontario, the Canadian group has since improvised on a number of instruments, including homemade creations such as the violin created by bandmember Art Pratten, the "Pratt-a-various." Bandmembers include Pratten (who also plays "water-pipe"), Bill Exley (spoken word), Murray Favro (guitar), John Clement (guitar and drums), John Boyle (drums and kazoo), and Hugh McIntyre (bass). Their first concert took place in early 1966 and their debut recording, No Record, followed two years later. Another decade passed before their next album, Vol. 2, was released, but despite their sporadic recording, the band remained busy with live performances. For over 30 years, NSB has performed every Monday night at a gallery in their hometown. They have also performed at N.Y.C.'s Knitting Factory, the FIMAV music festival in Quebec and other creative music festivals, and toured Japan in 1997. Many of the Nihilist Spasm Band albums have been reissued on the Japanese label Alchemy Records by fan and noise artist Jojo Hiroshige (of Hijokaidan). Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore is also counted among NSB's big fans. In March 1998, the band threw the first No Music Festival, featuring improvisers from Japan, Toronto, N.Y.C., Chicago, and more. Box sets of each No Music Festival have been issued on Canada's independent label Entartete Kunst.

вторник, 7 июля 2015 г.

Stas Baretsky - Live in M.O.D.

Stas Baretsky was born in the town of Lomonosov. Have graduated from College majoring driver. He worked as a security guard at a local food market on schedule every two days. In the early 1990-ies worked at the cemetery, opened a cafe "White horse", closed at the time of default, then a small grocery store that is also closed.

Began writing poetry at the age of 14, only in 2002 decided to record on the basis of their songs. In the period from 2003 to 2004, he recorded two solo albums released on the label "Trap": "Censorship" and "Censorship-2". Some of the songs got on the radio "Petrograd — Russian Chanson". In 2004, his works were appreciated by the electronic Duo "Christmas Toys", located in the same city. They offered him to record an album and to perform live in clubs. The album "Elektronika" became one of the most exciting musical events of 2005. In addition to concerts with "Christmas decorations" in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Stas included in the concert of the group "Leningrad", wrote the lyrics for the songs "heaven tennis" and "Credit" for the album "Bread". The contractor caught the attention of many journals, however, as he argues, music for him is not a way of earning money, it attracts the very atmosphere of show business, which is hard to refuse.
Works as an administrator at the Agency for funeral services.

понедельник, 6 июля 2015 г.

Albina Sexova

Scandalous porn star-chanson. The outspoken singer of the new time. The music that defined our times - and will define our time. Albina as the meteor broke into show business in our country, marking the end of a troubled decade of the 00's. First live video for the song "Fuck with hach's" blew up the Russian Internet, earning thousands of views on YouTube. Publication about Sexily in the newspaper "AIDS-info", accompanied candid photoshoot put upside down the whole country, evidenced – bags response letters from prison, came to the singer every week. A series of mind-blowing concerts, shook as seeing it live St. Petersburg Bohemia and inexperienced office managers, reducing events by postivism screens. Debut album "Tajik dick" sold on quotes, company tipsy singing them at night in the yards. Albina Sexily – the first meaningful unit after fruitless zeros. Heavenly arrangements. Hot shocking show. Sweet and sour songs. This sexy space. Her voice and forms of boys pouring cum out of your ears, and girls show their feet right in the hall. After all, Albina Sexily is a grown-up Alice Selezneva, which finally found the Mystery of the Third Planet – and this secret was Love.

понедельник, 29 июня 2015 г.


The contractor turbo-chanson from St. Petersburg. Pushed the boundaries of style, bringing it the latest dj technology, and modernizing the lyrical component of sparking under modernity. Street style of the outskirts of the "cultural capital" and modern requests with young centre - a recipe for success by.


суббота, 13 июня 2015 г.

Время срать

The group "Время Срать" created in the spring of 1997 by esoteric from a small nuclear town of Zarechny, Sverdlovsk region Alexey Centerpopular, after a sudden insight when reading "Books 55" albert Sri Copra. Sintipopa wrote the lyrics, the music, played all instruments and produced the first album in one night. The subsequent albums were conducted in the atmosphere of the enormous energy pressure egregor sun. The first vocalist Bob and backing vocalist Dmitry Shit after the release of the first album, unable to bear the tension, suddenly changed their views on life and became a monk. Later the group joined the little-known punk Fuck, who agreed to sing for food. Later Sintipopa away from the creativity of the group and engaged in nanotechnology research.

Initially the aim of the group was a strange idea to fill the sound space of the city ridiculous songs about shit and the accompanying items (bowls, tanks, coils, etc.). It was decided not to waste your time on trifles and efficiently to develop a single theme - cult subject of toilets. It is known that this society has an unhealthy resonance and there is even the concept of "lowbrow toilet humor", which made to laugh, and laugh with the air of someone who is above it all. As said by Sigmund Freud: "there are 3 funny things - politics, sex and ass". However, the musicians of the group are not inclined to banter as it may seem from developing their themes. On the contrary, they are perplexed when songs cause laughter, because they describe a social tragedy, a man forced to live among the conventionalities of society, to publish at the right time with the sounds of "ha-ha", hide in lockers, the dark, the bushes when you need to pee or take a shit. This is definitely a tragedy. Or a game. And the leitmotif of the band as to the texts.

What is the music? Music sun cannot be called original. Rather, it is just a template, modular grille insert texts by well-known principle of verse-chorus.. Originally from avant-garde and punk musicians have betrayed their roots, holding more intelligible to the mass listener forms using well-established from the point of view of influence on people's style Synthpop. It was after the use of rhythms "UMC-UMC group has gained adherents throughout the country. Moreover, under the negative influence of music is the Shit and got the musicians who created it, starting to listen to music similar to his. For example, the musicians opened the group And one that seemed much like the Shit :-)


суббота, 9 мая 2015 г.

Impaled Northern Moonforest - s/t (2000)

This idea of Seth Puntama and Josh Martin from the group Anal Cunt («Anal Cunt"). In 1997, at three o'clock in the freezing northern night, they were bored, so they created the True Norwegian Black Metal band. But, because the neighbors were sleeping, they did not use an electric guitar and drums, and recorded with the help of acoustic guitar and Seth, who played all the drums with his hands on his knees and mattresses.

пятница, 8 мая 2015 г.


Closed Mass occult secret society, accompanied by frenzied musical frogs and hungry mermaids.

Participants of the mass - like characters of the Prince of Darkness Gregory Prostospichkina. It - ekvaelita and National-sukkubus couple talking hills and rebellious dummies. They have in common one thing - Motherland. Motherland - Buchenwald! Intolerance underground. Here you can meet young bombers and ancient pyramids, punks and the bishops of destructive sects. Here, buy and sell the soul.
In parallel, hateful reality of spring 2015 year ...

воскресенье, 5 апреля 2015 г.


12th Festival is dedicated to annoying noise of human origin, which violates the vital activity of living organisms and human

 19.00 Cyanide Bastard
19.20 Телячья поджарка
19.40 Служба контроля совпадений Земли
20.00 Krotchet 20.20 Toxi-X + Cheap Sensations
20.40 Geenimuuntelun
21.10 fuktъ
21.30 .nyctalops.
22.20 Merry Bread
22.40 Fractal Flints

вторник, 17 февраля 2015 г.

Opresnoki @ live (15/02/2015)


- We declare the existence of not only the esoteric underground, which just does not need such statements, but talking about the existence of the musical underground, where is there is absolutely lousy performance - free and anonymous, where the lack of interest of various clubs, where there is no place the listener, we sought create a space in which absolutely no convertible product will not be exchanged nor money, nor audience sympathy / antipathy. We erased the boundaries between the listener and the performer, eliminated the stage, auditorium and producer. Underground must strive to annihilation. All that convertible - bourgeois. In our program, we sang all the songs from the CD "Red Bread", dedicated to the People's Freedom movement and presented a song "OKS!" From the new album - "Heaven, Hell, and the ships', which must be recorded this spring. Do all absolutely lousy and free, everything else - buy bourgeois!

воскресенье, 8 февраля 2015 г.

Opresnoki - Красный Хлеб (2014)

EP-2013 was devoted to the patriarch "kradenohlebstva" - Reverend Father Ilinova on "demo" voices of the brothers who are waiting for the coming of the Monk. "Suitable whether Mr. Ilyin?" - Will suit you? Do not oversleep?
Of course, after all of these stories, the listener waiting for full-fledged work of the staff know in what style, but do not go on about even the most loyal fans - this is the credo of the team, as well as the most "kradenohlebstva."
"Red bread" - a return to the Red Truth, meditation on the works of Platonov and lighting of the flame in the hard and primitive heritage of the peasant poet Pimen Karpov. OPRESNOKI offer the listener to feel the atmosphere "underground man", at a time when the assassination of the country's top officials were acquitted Gnostic struggle between spirit and matter, when suicide Zasulitch justification was possible, and the sky was a little closer. Savinkova experiments, groups of "hell", "Narodnaya Volya", gesture Grigory Goldenberg - all these God-fighting events from the history of Russia and dedicated music album OPRESNOKI 2014. "Red Bread." Basis and "red thread" of all the tracks on this disc - reel of film of Alexander Ivanov "Pervorossiyanin" (1967).
At the time of completion of this article, we have learned that the only concert band promises to give 15 February in the Red Revolution - St. Petersburg. As we know, February 15, 1879-year-terrorist Narodnaya Volya Grigory Goldenberg was killed Russian statesman, Major General (1868), the Governor of Grodno (1868-1870) and Kharkiv (1870-1879) provinces, the Governor-General Prince D. N. Kropotkin.

A play on words and concepts, "red", "bread", "Kropotkin" refers to the "Red Wheel," "Hot Bread", "theoretician of anarchism - Kropotkin," a creeping rhizome values signifiers, causing dizziness, and at the same time the pleasure of overcoming inhibitions .
https://vk.com/event86901210 - a reference to the event and ...
I think the governor is still alive ...