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Время срать

The group "Время Срать" created in the spring of 1997 by esoteric from a small nuclear town of Zarechny, Sverdlovsk region Alexey Centerpopular, after a sudden insight when reading "Books 55" albert Sri Copra. Sintipopa wrote the lyrics, the music, played all instruments and produced the first album in one night. The subsequent albums were conducted in the atmosphere of the enormous energy pressure egregor sun. The first vocalist Bob and backing vocalist Dmitry Shit after the release of the first album, unable to bear the tension, suddenly changed their views on life and became a monk. Later the group joined the little-known punk Fuck, who agreed to sing for food. Later Sintipopa away from the creativity of the group and engaged in nanotechnology research.

Initially the aim of the group was a strange idea to fill the sound space of the city ridiculous songs about shit and the accompanying items (bowls, tanks, coils, etc.). It was decided not to waste your time on trifles and efficiently to develop a single theme - cult subject of toilets. It is known that this society has an unhealthy resonance and there is even the concept of "lowbrow toilet humor", which made to laugh, and laugh with the air of someone who is above it all. As said by Sigmund Freud: "there are 3 funny things - politics, sex and ass". However, the musicians of the group are not inclined to banter as it may seem from developing their themes. On the contrary, they are perplexed when songs cause laughter, because they describe a social tragedy, a man forced to live among the conventionalities of society, to publish at the right time with the sounds of "ha-ha", hide in lockers, the dark, the bushes when you need to pee or take a shit. This is definitely a tragedy. Or a game. And the leitmotif of the band as to the texts.

What is the music? Music sun cannot be called original. Rather, it is just a template, modular grille insert texts by well-known principle of verse-chorus.. Originally from avant-garde and punk musicians have betrayed their roots, holding more intelligible to the mass listener forms using well-established from the point of view of influence on people's style Synthpop. It was after the use of rhythms "UMC-UMC group has gained adherents throughout the country. Moreover, under the negative influence of music is the Shit and got the musicians who created it, starting to listen to music similar to his. For example, the musicians opened the group And one that seemed much like the Shit :-)


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